The Costs of Raising Four-Legged ‘Kids’ – Part II

I love, love, love animals! I love them so much, that if it weren’t for my husband’s good sense, I would no doubt have a house full of little critters. But for now, we have two Jack Russell Terrier’s, Ramsey and Nellie. We brought home our little pups six years ago… Way back when, I had no idea how much those little bundles of joy would end up costing us. Six years down the road, I can tell you – they use up a TON of cash.

I am all for getting new pets (especially if you adopt) - but I also think you should be informed. So, if you’re debating going to your local pet store or shelter – take a look at the following “surprise costs” I’ve encountered as a pet owner, so you have some insight before bringing home Fido.

Damaged “Stuff” – Cars, Furniture, Shoes, etc., etc., etc.

Our little rebel, Ramsey, was quite the destructive force during his first year with us. We should have known after picking him up from a small farm outside of town that we should have turned right around and exchanged him after he got sick all over our new car! Just playing… We love the little guy. But seriously, that case of car-sickness cost a pretty penny for the detailing needed to clean up the mess. That was just the start. As a puppy, he ate countless pairs of shoes, chewed off pieces of our bedroom furniture, ripped our bedding and couch to pieces and so on. Thank goodness he grew out of that stage! Thankfully, Nellie was never a chewer… Two puppies destroying everything in sight would have been a little too much to handle.


Last year I made a BIG mistake… After dinner, we did the dishes and cleaned up – on our way out of the kitchen we forgot to close the doors under the sink (which leads to the garbage can). Big no, no. Before we realized our dogs were being “too quiet,” Ramsey inhaled two whole corn cobs! He was trying to get them down so quick, he didn’t have time to chew. Needless to say, the poor guy was sick all night. When he didn’t get better the next day, we made a trip to the vet… Who insisted they do immediate surgery. The procedure to remove two corn cobs cost us a whopping $2,000. Lesson of the story? Keep all doors/drawers/closets shut tight and keep little items (or big, depending on the size of your pet) up out of reach, because they will definitely try to eat anything. *Ramsey made a full recovery :)

“Baby Sitting”

If you love to travel, it can be expensive making sure your pets are taken care of while you’re out of town. To save money, we always try to find a friend or family member to watch the pups if we leave town – but that’s not always easy… Especially if your pets have reputations like mine. So… You can take them with you, as long as your hotel allows animal guests (but be prepared for extra flight and hotel charges). Or your can board them – which is what we usually do. We lucked out, the doggy daycare we found posts tons of pictures on their Facebook page daily, so we can check up on Ramsey and Nellie! This option is still pricey, but it saves you the stress of traveling with animals.


Allergies. Definitely not fun for animals! Allergies can mean – lots of vet visits, testing, shots, medicine, lotions, special diets, etc. And all of those treatments can really add up. Make sure to establish a good relationship with your vet – that way thye know what’s normal for your pets and your little ones are comfortable with the nurses and doctors.

Guest blogger, Brittanie Young, is the Social Media Coordinator at Numerica Credit Union.


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