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Get Your Car Keys on CL: Tips for buying a car online

You can find anything on Craigslist. Bread machines, old PlayStations, rabbit cages, textbooks, and grandma's old couch are all up for ...


Wheeling & Dealing: How Auto Financing Rolls

You know exactly what car you want. Maybe it's the sporty little red number you saw cruising down the highway last week. Or a huge SUV ...

Get Yer Haggle On

Get Yer Haggle On

Before you work on haggling for a new car, figure out your best loan rate! Click on Numerica's Calcubot app to check out financing options right on Facebook ...


Lease or Loan?

Time to buy a new car? It's exciting but daunting, isn't it? Likely, you won't be able to pay off that baby in cash – I know I couldn't, and my new ride was a slick 2003 Toyota Camry. So, like me, you're probably trying to decide whether you should lease or buy the car. For the record, I went with ...

Richland Branch

New Branch Updates

We've got a lot going on with Numerica's three new upcoming branches! Let's get you up to speed... Richland Our new Richland branch (3045 Duportail Street) is set to open July 30, 2014! You're going to love the new digs - complete with a tech bar and refreshment bar for members. Look for more ...


Have “the talk” with your kids… About money!

We recently ran a poll on our Facebook page as well as on numnum.org, asking the simple question, "How old were you when you first opened a savings account?" I was surprised by the answer most of our entrants were responding, that they were between the ages of 17 and 25! This was astonishing to me. You ...