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Candy Corn Contest

Happy Halloween from Numerica! Guess how many pieces of candy corn are in the container... You could win a $50 Visa gift card and ...


Skip a payment!

Numerica knows having a little extra cash can help reduce stress. That's why we're offering our members the chance to skip a payment, ...


Bumper to Bumper

Check out the video, "Bumper to Bumper: The layman's guide to auto insurance." Once you've got the auto insurance facts down, and want ...


East Wenatchee Tree

At Numerica, we love our trees. We love them for their beauty, their importance to our environment, for the fruit, and for the swinging and climbing! So we were very sad to discover that the tall Norway Maple on our East Wenatchee property was dying and would have to be removed. Numerica members have ...


Pre-Costs of Buying a House

Ready to buy a house? Take a look at the brass Media video, "Pre-Costs of Buying a House" and learn some costs of home buying you should plan on before you're officially handed the keys. When you're 100% ready to purchase your dream home, use Numerica's Calcubot app to calculate your possible ...


Get a Car Without Breaking the Bank

Unless you've just won the lottery, you are looking for the best deal when shopping for a new or used car. Understanding how to get the best deal is essential to making sure you don't break the bank. Pay with Cash As the old saying "cash is king" goes, cash has its perks, including when you ...



Switching just got awesome with SwitchAgent. Making the decision to switch financial institutions can be a hassle. Numerica has found another way to enhance your life! We're the first in our area to offer the free, online SwitchAgent tool. SwitchAgent will assist you in moving your automatic deposits ...